Shimla Municipal Corporation has introduced a unique initiative that allows residents to earn money while contributing to the city’s cleanliness. In a collaborative effort between the Municipal Corporation and SJVNL, a campaign targeting the eradication of single-use plastic has been launched. The campaign aims to involve individuals from all walks of life, from common urban dwellers to ward councillors, in the effort to remove single-use plastic and promote a cleaner environment. As an incentive, participants have the opportunity to earn cash rewards by collecting and depositing empty packets of milk, curd, and lassi.

Under the campaign, the Municipal Corporation Shimla, led by Mayor Surender Chauhan, has announced substantial cash rewards of up to Rs 2 lakh for those who contribute to keeping the city clean. The sanitation workers, who play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness, will be eligible to receive these rewards. This initiative serves as a recognition of their significant efforts and aims to motivate and empower them further.

To encourage widespread participation, Mayor Surender Chauhan has urged all residents of Shimla to actively engage in the campaign. As an added incentive, residents – who deposit 50 kg of milk, curd, and lassi packets will receive a cash reward of one lakh rupees. Similarly, individuals who manage to collect 100 kg of single-use plastic can earn up to two lakhs in cash rewards. These generous rewards aim to motivate residents to take proactive steps towards preserving the beauty of Shimla and creating a cleaner environment for all.

By launching this cash rewards campaign, the Municipal Corporation Shimla aims to address the issue of single-use plastic while fostering a sense of community involvement. The collaboration with SJVNL highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing environmental challenges. The campaign not only aims to create awareness about the detrimental effects of single-use plastic but also provides tangible benefits for individuals who actively participate.

Shimla’s innovative campaign to incentivize the collection and disposal of single-use plastic presents a win-win situation for both the environment and the residents. By collecting and depositing these items, individuals not only contribute to a cleaner Shimla but also have the opportunity to earn cash rewards for their efforts. This initiative is expected to create a lasting impact on the city’s environment and encourage sustainable waste management practices.