Department of Seed Science and Technology’s outstanding performance receives prestigious recognition

Palampur – CSK H.P. Agriculture University Palampur has been recognized on a national level for its exceptional quality seed production program. The university’s Department of Seed Science and Technology, as part of the All India Coordinated Research Project on Seed (Crops), has received the highly coveted Best Performance Centre Award 2022-23.

The award was presented to Dr. R. K. Kapila, Nodal Officer (Seed), by the Deputy Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

This esteemed accolade signifies the university’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in seed production. Among the 38 State Agricultural Universities participating in the project, CSK H.P. Agriculture University has emerged as a frontrunner, setting an example for excellence in the field.

The university’s annual production exceeds 1,000 quintals of breeder seed and 500 quintals of foundation seed, encompassing a wide range of high-yielding field and vegetable crops. Additionally, the university plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accurate labelling of seeds, a crucial aspect for regional food security.

Prof. H.K. Chaudhary, the Vice-Chancellor of CSK H.P. Agriculture University, expressed his gratitude to the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and the Indian Institute of Seed Science for acknowledging the university’s immense contributions to the seed sector. This recognition solidifies the university’s position as a leader in the field of seed production and underscores its dedication to excellence.

The award serves as a testament to CSK H.P. Agriculture University’s relentless pursuit of innovation and quality in seed production. It reinforces the university’s commitment to supporting agricultural development and sustainable food production. The recognition will further propel the university’s efforts in enhancing its quality seed production program, benefitting farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole.