Building Owners Must Revise Maps with Town and Country Planning to Avail New Regulations

Shimla: The recent regulation allowing for the use of attics for residential purposes and increasing their height to 3.05 meters has left some Shimla residents feeling slighted. However, the government clarified that only building owners who have followed all building regulations and norms will be eligible to increase the height of their attics, and they must revise their maps with the Town and Country Planning (TCP) or urban bodies.

This new regulation is expected to provide additional living space for homeowners who have complied with all building regulations and norms. Until now, living in an attic was not permitted in the state due to the low height of 2.70 meters.

According to Divesh Kumar, the Principal Secretary of TCP, thousands of building and plot owners across the state will benefit from this new regulation. “Newly constructed buildings will benefit from this. The old building owners who have the map and have worked against the map up to 10 per cent will also be benefited.”

The government’s decision to allow for higher attics will provide a significant boost to property values and improve the quality of living in the region. Building owners will also be able to get electricity and water connections in the attic, just like on the other floors of the building.

Overall, the new regulation is expected to be a boon for rules-abiding building owners, providing them with additional living space and better living conditions.