Shimla: BJP State General Secretary and MLA, Trilok Jamwal, has mocked the CPIM and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over their inability to field 34 candidates in the upcoming Shimla Municipal Corporation elections. The parties have failed to make an impact in Shimla, despite their vocal protests and slogans, and have yet to announce all 34 candidates.

In a sarcastic tone, Jamwal ridiculed the parties for their lacklustre performance, stating that their slogans and protests are not enough to make a difference in the city’s political landscape.

Jamwal also pointed out that while it is easy to enter politics, delivering real results on the ground requires hard work and dedication. He emphasized that the CPIM and AAP must prove their mettle by announcing all 34 candidates for the municipal elections.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation elections are expected to be fiercely contested, with the BJP, Congress, CPIM, and AAP vying for control of the civic body. While the BJP has already announced 31 candidates, while the Congress party has also failed to make a consensus on all seats. Saturday late-night Congress has released its third list of 10 party nominees for the Shimla MC Elections and still party need to announce 14 more candidates. 18 April is the last date for filling nominations.

The intense competition in Shimla’s political arena highlights the challenges that parties face in securing strong candidates for municipal elections. With the last date for filling nominations being on 18 April, it remains to be seen if the CPIM and AAP can muster up the candidates needed to make an impact in Shimla.