Palampur: Agriculture University has installed sensor equipped herd monitoring system Allflex in the Livestock Farm complex.

The Allflex transmits signals on a real-time basis about the health, rumination and reproduction status of the cow. It gives alerts on the mobile phone of the staff, in case the animal is in the heat for artificial insemination or the animal is having any digestion upsets. These sensors monitor the rumination, activity and health status of animals and transmit it through a centrally located transmitter to artificial intelligence-based software, which interprets the signals on a real-time basis.

The system analyses these inputs and gives regular messages to the farm manager on his mobile phone regarding animals in estrus, prone to abortion etc. Farm managers upon getting such alerts can verify the input and take necessary steps.

Prof H.K Chaudhary, Vice-Chancellor Agriculture University informed that initially 20 cows have been equipped with neck bands.

This artificial intelligent-based health monitoring system can cover 5000 animals with an air distance of 100 meters and has been installed for the first time in the state of Himachal Pradesh for a demonstration to visiting farmers and entrepreneurs.