Palampur: Agriculture University Palampur will extend its professional and technical services in the socio-economic development of farmers in Chamba district.

Prof H.K Chaudhary, Vice-Chancellor in a meeting with D.C Rana, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Chamba on Saturday, said that as per the detailed discussions and assurance of all support from the district administration, the University will revamp its research and extension activities in Chamba district through its Research Station, Salooni.

Initially, two research and extension project proposals will be jointly executed by the University and district administration-Chamba and line departments of the district Chamba, Prof. Chaudhary said and further added

“Strategies for increasing lavender production to enhance livelihood security in the economically backward district Chamba of Himachal Pradesh and strengthening livelihood security through mainstreaming farmers’ varieties of rajmash, mash and kulthi in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.”

The Vice Chancellor said that Salooni, Tissa, Bharmour and Pangi valleys have immense scope of Lavender cultivation due to favourable temperate climate and its aromatic oil is in great demand. These valleys will be declared as “Lavender Valleys”. This will attract agro-tourism and generate employment opportunities thereby increasing the income of the farmers, VC said.

He said that rajmash, mash and kulthi of Bharmour and Holi regions  are famous for their attractive colour, peculiar aroma, organoleptic taste, easy cooking quality and digestibility and are always in huge demand. After purification, the Farmers’ Varieties of these pulses will be given protection by registration these with the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority of India.

Prof Chaudhary said that all research and extension activities will be carried out in participatory mode by involving local farmers and communities.