New Delhi: Hitting out at Congress party that has been questioning the construction of Central Vista a time when the country is going through a major economic and health crisis, Minister of State Finance and Corporate Affairs Anurag Thakur has said that Congress is upset that the project is not named after and owned by the Gandhi family.

He said that Central Vista project belongs to the people of India. Central Vista will define the trajectory of ‘New India’, it will shape the policies and programs that transform the lives of poor and propel India as an economic powerhouse.

“I can understand the frustration of the Congress Party as they have missed an opportunity to name it after the ‘Gandhi Family’. Congress leadership needs lessons in Civics, the official residences and offices belong to the nation not an individual.”

Applauding the Delhi High Court’s decision to continue the project, Thakur said “This decision will dismiss the delay tactics adopted by the Congress. National projects of importance were delayed for decades under their rule; this is the Modi era; we have not only completed old ones but also delivered new projects much before the deadline.

He said that the demand for a new Parliament building arose decades ago; in 2012 Jairam Ramesh wrote a letter regarding this. The flip flop and hypocrisy of the congress leadership is evident in full display.”

Thakur said “have congress ruled states halted mega infrastructure projects during the pandemic? Rajasthan government has given approval to reconstruction and infrastructure work to the tune of Rs 125 crore. The Rajasthan Chief Minister is busy laying the foundation stone for a Rs 60 crore auditorium, a Rs 20 crore stadium and spending crores on beautification of roads etc.

“Maharashtra government is constructing a residential hostel facility at Nariman Point for its legislators worth Rs 900 crores” he added.

Thakur questioned Rahul Gandhi and asked, “Why does Rahul Gandhi not as his Chief Ministers to utilise these funds towards vaccination instead of charging the poor four times the cost? The congress is in the business of peddling false narratives which fall like a pack of cards when presented with transparent facts.”