Shimla: The much awaited Doppler Radar in Himachal Pradesh has finally been installed at Kufri around 15 kms from Shimla by Indian Metrological Department.

The Doppler radar will significantly improve forecasting models, thereby adding to accuracy of weather forecast and will help to improve forecasting in the region.

This is one of the three Doppler radar that is to be installed in the state.

Doppler Radars help in enhancing round the clock severe weather surveillance capabilities and generating accurate data.

It is also cable of predicting severe thunderstorms and also capable of generating accurate data on wind changes and rain clouds, locate precipitation, calculate it’s motion and estimate it’s type rain, snow, hail.

Metrological Department Director, Shimla, Manmohan Singh said that the Doppler radar has been installed at Kufri and two  more Doppler Radar’s are to be installed in Himachal Pradesh at Mandi and Dalhousie.

Site of Mandi has already been finalized and its NOC from the Government of HP is pending and the site at Dalhousie will be finalized at the earliest, he added.

“At present, the radar installed at Kufri is on test mode for a period of two weeks and thereafter its data will be used for forecasting purposes.

Range of this radar is upto 100km (radial distance).

It will observe and provide the weather data of 100km in all direction, which will be used for forecasting purpose, especially for short range forecast (nowcasting),” he said.

More precised area specific weather forecast and warning will be issued for a particular place, for the weather phenomenon like thunderstorm, lighting, hailstorm, heavy rainfall/snowfall, gusty winds, he added.