Shimla: After Geeta’s much hyped return to India from Pakistan, many stories of mistakenly crossing the borders are cropping up. This time it’s Shimla town of Himachal Pradesh that has been making it to the headlines as a Pakistani national woman has been lodged in Nari Sewa Sadan, Mashobra, 15 km from here, since August this year as per the claims of social activist Ajai Srivastava.

Ajai Srivastava said that Mamta alias Mahammada (45) claiming to be from Mohalla Noorana, District Gujrat of Pakistan and urged the state government to immediately inquire and verify her address.

A human rights activist stated that Mahammada was brought to the Shelter Home by the Police from Kasauli.

In the record of the Shelter Home, her name has been entered as ‘Mamta alias Mahammada, w/o Rajaah, Mohalla Noorana, Gujarat.’ However, when Ajai Srivastava communicated with Mahammada, she claimed to be from Gujrat district of Pakistan.

As per record, she was found in a rain shelter near Kasauli on 7th August, 2015 and Police brought her to the Director of Women and Child Development in Shimla on 10th August who sent her to the Shelter Home. But no one knew the Pakistani connection of this innocent woman.

Nari Sewa Sadan