Himachal Budget 2015-16

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh presented annual Budget of 2015-16 in the Vidhan Sabha today. The Total Budget Expenditure estimated for 2015-16 is Rs. 28,339 Crore, out of which Estimated Expenditure on Salaries is Rs. 8,285 Crore, on Pensions it would be Rs. 4,041 Crore, Estimated Interest Payments would be Rs. 2,950 Crore, and Loan Repayments are expected to be Rs. 1,503 Crore apart from Rs. 397 Crore on other Loans and Rs. 1,838 Crore on maintenance.

As per Budget Estimates for 2015-16, the Total Revenue Receipts are estimated at Rs. 23,535 Crore and the Total Revenue Expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 23,488 Crore with a Revenue Surplus of Rs. 47 Crore.

The Expected Receipts in Capital Account of the Government are Rs. 3,904 Crore apart from Rs. 900 Crore in Public Account including Provident Fund, etc. Capital Expenditure including Loan Repayments is estimated to be Rs. 4,851 Crore.

The fiscal deficit for 2015-16 is likely to be Rs. 3,285 Crore.

Thus, as per the Budget Estimates, against an expenditure of every 100 rupees, the State will have Rs. 83.11, as the Total Receipts including Transfers from the Central Government excluding Loans. The gap of Rs. 16.89 will be met by borrowings.

Out of every 100 rupees of State revenue receipts, Rs. 26.94 will accrue from Own Tax Revenues, Rs. 6.41 from Non-Tax Revenues, and Rs. 16.33 from Share in Central Taxes and Rs. 50.32 from Central Grants.

Out of every 100 rupees spent, Salaries will account for Rs. 29.23, Pensions for Rs. 14.26, Interest Payments for Rs. 10.41, Loan Repayments for Rs. 5.30 and the remaining Rs. 40.80 will be spent on Developmental Works.

The State economy is expected to grow at 6.5 per cent in 2014-15, as per the estimates made with the base year of 2004-05.

Annual Plan 2015-16

The State Government has proposed Rs. 4,800 Crore Annual Plan for 2015-16, which is Rs. 400 Crore higher, from the previous financial year.

The State will lose a grant of more than Rs. 3,000 Crore in 2015-16, in shape of Normal Central Assistance, Special Central Assistance and Special Plan Assistance. The total loss in next five years will be Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 Crore on this account itself.

Allocation of funds for major departments

Education Rs. 5,077 Crore

Public Works Department (PWD) Rs. 2,722 Crore

Irrigation & Public Health Rs. 2,013 Crore

SCs, OBCs & Minorities Affairs Rs. 1,503 Crore

Health and Medical Education Rs. 1,478 Crore

MPP & Power Rs. 1,083 Crore

Police, Home Guards & Fire Services Rs. 887 Crore

Rural Development Rs. 840 Crore and Department of Panchayati Raj Rs. 414 Crore

Revenue Rs. 582 Crore

Department of Forests Rs. 459 Crore

Agriculture Rs. 450 Crore

Women & Child Development Rs. 371 Crore

Animal Husbandry Rs. 313 Crore

Horticulture Rs. 268 Crore

Disaster Relief for 2015-16 Rs. 236 Crore

Ayurveda Rs. 218 Crore

HRTC Rs. 200 Crore to improve its financial health in shape of Grant and Equity

Technical Education Rs.189 Crore

‘Skill Development Allowance Scheme’ Rs. 100 Crore

Tribal Sub-Plan 2015-16 Rs. 432 Crore and total budget allocation for Tribal Areas is proposed to be Rs. 985 Crore including the Non-Plan

Main Highlights of Himachal budget 2015-16

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