The Government of Himachal Pradesh is implementing Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) for the procurement of Mango, Apple and Citrus fruits in the State for which HPMC, which is the premier fruit marketing agency, has been entrusted the work of procuring the unmarketable fruits which are further processed under most hygienic conditions in its processing plants.

The efforts made by the HPMC have resulted in stabilizing the prices of the fruits in the market. Apart from fruits procured under MIS, HPMC also procures other fruits like Peach, Pear, Plum, Litchi, Almonds, Strawberry, Kiwi etc. grown in the State, for marketing and processing to increase the capacity utilisation of the plants and to assist the farmers of the State in getting remunerative returns for their produce along with popularising fruit processing industry in the state.

In order to give boost to fruit production and ensure remunerative prices to the fruit growers for their produce, the State Government has enhanced the procurement price of Apple and Mango under the MIS. Support price of Seedling Mango variety has been fixed at Rs 5.50 per kg and that of grafted variety at Rs 6.50 per kilogram which is 50 paise more than the previous year. The State government has also enhanced the support price of Apple from Rs 6 to Rs 6.50 per Kg for the year 2014.

During the year 2013-14 the procurement price of Apple, Mango and Citrus fruits was increased by 50 paise per kg. under this scheme and 34,000 MT ‘C’ grade apple fruit valued at Rs. 22 crore was procured.

This year the Apple is being procured under MIS from 15 August 2014 to 31 October 2014. MIS will be implemented for procurement of 89,496 MT of Apple for which procurement price will be Rs 6.50 per kg and the handling charges will be at the rate of Rs. 2.20 per kg. Assumed realization will be considered as Rs 3 per kg.

The State Government has opened 125 collection centres in the State for procurement of ‘C’ grade Apple under the scheme. 117 collection centres have been opened in Shimla district, 7 in Mandi district and one in Chamba district which are being managed by HPMC and HIMFED. 16 metric tonne of apple has been procured under MIS till date.
Under the scheme, 147 procurement centers will be opened as per demand of the fruit grovers and requirements of HPMC and HIMFED. Out of these, 81 centers will be opened by HPMC and 66 centers by HIMFED. Fruit will be procured in 18 kg bags/crates or in 30 kg. bags/crates. The size of apple to be procured under MIS will be 51 mm diameter or more. Fruit having slight hail damage, russeting as well as misshapen fruit will also be accepted.

Under the scheme, Apple upto 10,000 MT or whatever it can process will be supplied to HPMC free of cost and no handling/transportation cost will be provided by the Government for the purpose. Free Apple to departmental Canning units will also be provided for which sale rate of produce shoud be less than the rate fixed by the HPMC. Approval has also bing given to sell MIS Apple to private fruit processing units at the national price of Rs. 3 per Kg. In case, no offer is received with respect to Expression of Interest inviting offers for sale of MIS apple then the earlier practice of sale through open auction shall be resorted to.

There has been a remarkable horizontal development of horticulture sector in the State. The Government is implementing various schemes for the development of horticulture sector in the State by providing various facilities and incentives and consistent efforts are being made to strengthen the economy of the farmers and horticulturists.