The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has welcomed the Rail Budget, and said it will set the direction not just for the Railways, but through the railways, for the entire country.

In a statement, the Prime Minister described the Railways as a growth engine for India. He said the Rail Budget will speed up the development of the country, modernize Indian Railways, and provided greater security and services to the people.

Highlighting the ports sector’s need for rail connectivity, he said the initiatives taken in this rail budget for facilitating global trade will go a long way in establishing India’s economic prosperity.

Modi said an institution like the Railways cannot be run in an ad-hoc manner. Institutional mechanisms are required for decision-making, vision and initiatives. This Budget will strengthen institutional mechanisms, Modi said. He added that it also lays emphasis on transparency and integrity.

The Prime Minister said the people of India use the Railways for travel extensively. They belong to various communities, and their requirement of special facilities is being taken care of.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the objectives of the Rail Budget would be successfully achieved.