Former Director General of Police (DGP) ID Bhandari has withdrawn his petition from the Himachal Pradesh High Court for seeking quashing of memorandum issued to him by the state government for the charges of invading in to the privacy of then Union Minister for Steel Virbhadra Singh.

A division Bench comprising Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Sureshwar Thakur allowed the withdrawn the petition.

Earlier, in April 2014, ID Bhandari had challenged the memorandum issued to him by the state government. He was accused of implanting a bugging device (micro recorder) in a room where Virbhadra Singh, the then Union Minister for Steel, had to stay at Himachal Bhawan, Chandigarh, in September, 2010 and giving direction to police officer to depute two CID officials to visit Chandigarh for placing the bugging devices in the room.