BJP Prime Minister Candidate Narender Modi addressed three rallies in Himachal Pradesh. He made a passionate appeal to the electorates and begs for sixty months to serve them.

While addressing thousands of party workers at all three venues, Narendra Modi severely criticized ruling Congress Party. Modi accused that Congress cheats people through its manifesto, which it always forget after coming into power. He even described Congress manifesto as a fraudulent document.

Modi claimed that in 2009, Congress has promised to stop price rise in hundred days, but instead it shoot up to the next level. He also accused Congress for destroying Country.

He also made an appeal to voters in the age of 18 to 28 and asked them to choose right government, who can give platform to fulfill their dreams.

Modi also tried to connect to the electorates of the state through his old association with Himachal Pradesh. He said that he had spent many years in Himachal Pradesh and learned from leaders such as Shanta Kumar.

Commenting on the Virbhadra Singh government, BJP PM Candidate stated that Himachal had everything except the right government. He said that now it’s a time create a strong and stable government not just in this state but in the whole country.

He said that Himachal is bestowed with the immense natural beauty and so far government has failed harness it on tourism point of view. He said that the Himachal has the beauty and power that can attract tourists from all over the world. He believed that Himachal could compete with Switzerland and attract loads of foreign tourists as well as that from within the country.

Talking about agriculture, especially apples and potatoes, Modi said that business opportunities were plenty and to compete internationally it need to develop brands and packaging.

Earlier, Narender Modi got an impressive turnout at all three locations where thousands of party workers and supporters greeted him. To show support to Prime Minister Candidate, most of party leaders where present at their respective rallies and ensured good turnout at their venues.