The Himachal Pradesh CPM has slammed the police department for their slow and inept functioning in handling the alleged case of rape against the former BJP MLA from Bursar.

In a press communiqué, CPM leader Tikender Panwar termed it shocking that even after the fact that the victim woman who has categorically alleged forceful sexual assault, still the culprit is at large and not being taken to task.

The party has further grilled the police for not asking the former chief minister for deposing as it has appeared in the press that the victim during the then BJP raj had even asked the incumbent BJP chief minister to intervene but instead was asked to keep mum and bear with the atrocity. The former chief minister must also be asked to make a statement in the police station regarding the above incident.

The party has asked the police to be sensitive over such gender issues and learn lesson from the various Supreme Court interventions. The party has asked the police, had it not been a former MLA is it not true the alleged accused would by now have been behind the bars. Then why such a lackadaisical attitude towards a person who has done a crime not less heinous and shameful? Such pro-elite bias of the police needs to be checked and must be asked to work in a non partisan manner.

The CPM has also asked the BJP to clear its stand on the issue. Panwar alleged that the BJP as a party which speaks about a different face, character, philosophy etc is nothing but grossly rooted in the most backward ideology of mediaeval era where women are supposed to be treated as a commodity for use.