Reacting to the statement of HPCA office bearers regarding use of less land for construction of cricket stadium at Dharamsala, chairman 20 point programme implementation committee, Ram Lal Thakur dares HPCA to disclose the truth regarding embezzlements committed by them in unison with previous BJP government.

In a statement, former cabinet minister accused HPCA for bringing out distorted figures. He claimed that as per International standards the land required for constructing cricket stadium was around 40,000 sq. meters, but instead 49118 sq meteres of land was given on lease to HPCA by previous government. The HPCA constructed the stadium in about 45915 sq meters of land and the remaining 3203 sq meters land was still with HPCA, which they have not surrendered back to the Government and was still encroaching upon, Thakur added.

Thakur said that as per the case registered by Kangra police recently and by vigilance as many as 2303 sq meters and 720 sq meters of land respectively, was still in possession of HPCA.

Ram Lal claimed that the previous BJP government went beyond the standard norms of leasing out the land and leased excess land to favour the association. Ram Lal complained that why HPCA was tightlipped on demolishing residential quarters on directions of former chief minister. Now, when their wrongdoings were coming to the fore the HPCA, which is now hand-in-glove with BJP, was leveling baseless allegations against the government to hide their misdeeds and trying to divert the attention of the people, Thakur added.

Thakur advised HPCA to concentrate on cricket and not indulge in politics and shelter Anurag and Prem Kumar Dhumal. He advised HPCA office bearers to stop acting as spokesman of BJP and refrain from issuing such statements which was detrimental to the interest of sports body.

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