CITU State Committee has strongly criticized and condemned the attitude of the Labour Department for not implementing the Labour laws in the Himachal Pradesh. Citu in its press communiqué claimed that workers were being terminating just for forming the Union. Giving examples of Tenzin Hospital and Rahat Hotel, CITU said that dozens of workers were terminated for just forming the union and giving the demand notice for implementation of labour laws.

CITU raised questions over the implementation of Labour laws and said that if it’s not implemented in Shimla town, then what would be the scenario of other region. CITU state committee also has condemned the brutal lathi charge on peaceful demonstration of CITU worker who have gone just to register their protest against termination of workers in Tenzin hospital, in which many CITU activists injured.

CITU also accused police officials for acting on the behest of Tenzin management. CITU appealed the state government to strictly implement the labour laws and take strong action against the violators of labour laws i.e. Tenzin hospital and Rahat hotel management. CITU also threaten to lauch agitation if the state Govt did not intervene in favour of the terminated workers. CITU state committee has demanded thorough prove in the huge property of Tenzin.

CITU in its press release said that Tenzin is a foreign national and a refugee in India cannot purchase any property in Himachal nor anywhere in India. Even contractor license could not be issued to foreign national. He being foreign national can not be given exemption under under section 118 of H.P Land and Tenancy Act. He has acquired lot of property in Shimla and other part of Himachal Pradesh. He has multistory building, Hospital and Industrial plot in the state.

CITU has asked state Govt. to take strong action against foreign national (Tenzin) and threaten to approach the Hon’ble High Court with regard to his illegal activities and purchase of land and properties.