The state BJP has blamed the Congress for the financial crisis plaguing the state and expressed apprehensions that the Virbhadra Singh government might curtail the subsidised ration scheme. Party leader blamed Congress for adopting wrong policies that were further deteriorating the financial health of the state.

Party spokesperson Ganesh Dutt in his press communiqué blamed the Congress doing exactly the “opposite” of what it “promised” in its election manifesto. He alleged that the Congress had promised employment allowance to educated youth, but after coming to power, the party had subtly converted it into skill development allowance to hoodwink the youth.

Referring to the financial crisis, Dutt alleged that it was the Virbhadra government which had concealed the real deficit before the 9th Finance Commission. As a result the state was deprived of the revenue deficit grant. The BJP government inherited a debt of Rs 22,000 crore from the Congress regime in 2008 and the amount increased to Rs 27,000 crore during its five-year term. However, the present government had over a short period of five months raised fresh loans amounting to Rs 1,700 crore.