Census reports revealed that the state has a population of 68,64,602 with a decadal growth of 12.9 per cent (2001-11) as against 17.5 percent in 1991-2001. The density of population has increased to 123 people per sq km in 2011 and more than 90 percent people live in rural areas.

As per the recent Census report, Sex ratio in Himachal Pradesh has increased 968 to 972 in one decade. In urban sex ration has shown positive response as it showed dramatic increase from 795 to 853, however, it decreased marginally from 989 to 986 in the rural areas.

Census report shows that six of the twelve districts saw decline in the sex ratio, with Kinnaur registering the maximum decrease from 857 in 2001 to 819 in 2011. However, the child sex ratio has improved significantly in eight districts, including Una (837 to 875) and Kangra 836 to 876.

However, recent census report gives a positive indication of increase in the growth rate of females as it grows by 13.1 percent in the last decade as compare than males (12.8 percent) in the state.

Himachal Pradesh also has done well on the front of the literacy rate as state has registered an increase of 6.3 percent over a decade. As per the report the literacy rate has increased to 82.8 in 2011 from 76.5 in 2001, with male literacy rate increasing by 4.2 percent from 85.3 to 89.5 percent and female by 8.5 percent from 67.4 to 75.9 percent.