The blame game between Congress president Thakur Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhu) and leader of opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal seems to be hotting up as they continue to make accusations against each other.

Responding to the Dhumal’s recent statement, in which he had threaten to reveal some dark side of Sukhu’s family. Congress president said that his life was an open book and challenged former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal to come up before the people with any information that he has about his family. Sukhu said that he had earned all the assets through his hardwork. He said that he was also the first person to declare his assets in 2008.

Sukhu dared Dhumal to declare his assets, precisely the comparison of what he had before entering politics and what he owns today. Congress state president accused Dhumal and his family for amassing huge wealth, he asked him to reveal his source of income as well. He added that Dhumal led Govt has plunder the wealth of state by putting state’s land virtually on sale by promoting real estate business and allotting huge chunk of land to Private Universities.