Labour Department, in its inquiry, conducted into the mishap at the plant of Ambuja Cements Limited at Darlaghat has pointed to safety lapses and called for a fresh risk assessment to improve the safety environment.

In this mishap a worker was killed and seven others were injured. Though, company has paid Rs 4.76 lakh as compensation to the dependants of the victim and promised to provide jobs to his two sons, but the Labour Department has decided to issue a notice to the company for the lapses and direct it to the pay the agreed amount of Rs 10 lakh immediately. Department has also sought more technical details from the company so that adequate safety measures could be taken.

Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihotri stated that this incident had brought out chinks in the safety mechanism and underlined the need for more comprehensive hazard assessment at cement plants. To avoid such incidents in future and to improve the safety environment at three cement plants, Govt has proposed to have a fresh hazard assessment.