Himachal Pradesh Government has urged the Government of India to intervene for pending payment of Rs. 200 Crore by Uttar Pradesh Government in lieu of electricity provided by State. Addressing a conference of Energy Ministers at New Delhi today, Sujan Singh Pathania, Power Minister, said that Himachal Pradesh Government had provided electricity costing about Rs. 200 Crore to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. between April, 2011 and September, 2011, but Uttar Pradesh Government had not made any payment till now inspite of repeated request by State Government.

Pathania requested the GoI to release this amount directly from planning fund of Uttar Pradesh. He also urged for immediate payment of Rs. 4,249.45 crore from Bhakhra-Beas Management Board for which State Government had already submitted related documents. He said that State Government should be given its share of 7.19% as per the orders of Supreme Court of India from 1st January, 1966. He said that State Government would conduct a Basin study survey of all the rivers in the State whereas a detailed survey of Sutlej and Chenab rivers had already been started.

Power Minister, urged for adopting simple process for speedy environment clearance for construction of hydro-electric projects. Supporting the target of harnessing 40% power from renewal sources of energy, he said that State Government would harness the available power capacity. He said that State Government was providing electricity to all the revenue villages on subsidize rates. The State Government has framed an effective relief and rehabilitation policy for project affected people keeping in view the land, house, rehabilitation, employment, training and financial relief to the people.

Pathania urged for delegating power to State Government for giving technical-financial approval for power projects costing up to Rs. 2500 crore. He also urged for further strengthening of Central Energy Authority and added that State would produce 5000 M.W. additional power under 12th five year plan. He said that State had harnessed 8,363 M.W. out of its total 2300 M.W. capacity and Government has also framed its Hydro Electric Policy in the year 2006.