Ashadeep used the occasion of Himachal Day to highlight the issue of “Problem of accessibility” faced by the physically challenged, in public buildings viz. educational institutions, offices etc., through a skit. An actor portraying handicapped, prayed to God to give him promotion in his job. God responded through Dev Rishi Narad. Being promoted he went to his office but to his dismay he found his office up stairs where he couldn’t reach. He appealed to his superiors to accommodate him suitably but his pleas fell on deaf ears, drama ensued. Dejected he again called for divine help, but this time Narada showed his inability to grant this wish. He exhorted him to take his petition to the public representative because God divested his powers in them to provide redressal to the deprived and oppressed. Then suddenly the actor playing disabled took every body by surprise by dragging himself to the Chief Minister and handed over a memorandum urging him to make “Barrier Free Access” an integral and compulsory part of architectural planning in all public buildings in the spirit of PWD act 1995. The smiling chief minister assured him to do the needful. It drew a huge round of applause.

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