Considering the fact that Rakesh Walia has won last two elections with substantial margins from Chintpurni, it had always been an easy and safe hunting ground for Congress. However, after the recent delimitation, now we have new faces from both the BJP and Congress vying against each other for the SC reserved seat. While the BJP is relying on Balbir Singh Chaudhary (ex-MLA from Gagret) as its candidate from the Chintpurni, Congress puts faith in Kuldeep Kumar, who has earlier won election from Gagret and was a Cabinet minister too. Since both these candidates will now face each other in a different constituency, what we look forward to is a fierce competition that would see the best winning for sure.

Being fresh to their new constituencies, both the candidates have no allegations against them and so, they can ask for public support on their respective parties’ policies and issues only. Though the seat is SC reserved, both candidates are looking forward for support from the large Brahmin community which has, in the past, supported ex-MLAs Praveen Sharma (BJP) and Rakesh Kalia (Congress).

However, as far as personal achievements are concerned, Balbir will seek to take credit of the development works in the region. On the other hand, Kuldeep Kumar highlights the works done when he was a Cabinet minister in the Congress-led government. So, beyond a doubt, it’s going to be a tough competition wherein both candidates will leave no stone unturned to ensure their victory.