IPH Minister Ravinder Ravi, who is looking for new constituency for election after his Thural constituency had been finished in the delimitation exercise and merged with the adjoining constituencies, categorically announced to fight coming assembly poll from the Palampur Assembly constituency. He said it in press conference at Dharamsala.

His announcement is likely to create a flutter in the Shanta faction as the Palampur Assembly constituency was at present being represented by Parveen Sharma. Sharma is a Shanta Kumar loyalist and the veteran BJP leader was not likely to yield the seat to Ravi, who is consider close associate of Prem Kumar Dhumal.

Earlier, Ravinder Ravi had shown interest from Jwalamukhi, which is represent by another BJP senior leader and Shanta’s loyalists Ramesh Dhawala, but after his protest Ravi has to look for another segment for the assembly poll. In the press conference he claimed that his first choice was Palampur as his residence located there, but as it represented by BJP leader Parveen Sharma, who is Shanta Kumar loyalist, likely to create a flutter in the BJP circle. So far State BJP has succeeded to put united face before assembly poll, but delimitation affect and distribution of tickets can crop fissure within the party.