BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti has launched a counter attack on Virbhadra Singh and accused him of being “brave in unfounded criticism of the BJP government and meek in protecting the interests of the state”.

Satti stated that the only qualification the Congress high command seems to have discovered in nominating Virbhadra Singh as state Congress party’s new president is his rare quality of telling lies. He added that the party needs such a person to dupe voters with false claims and tall promises.

He targets center Govt and alleged that successive Congress governments has discriminated against the state and denied its share. He stated that the state was deprived of its legal share in the assets of the composite state of Punjab under the Punjab State Reorganisation Act, 1966, although it was made to pay through its nose its share of liabilities under the same Act. The recommendations and terms of reference of the Shah Commission constituted to determine areas to be merged with the then union territory of Himachal were violated to deny Himachal of vast areas.

BJP Chief ridiculed Virbhadra for taking credit for the 7.19 per cent share in the BBMB projects and claimed that the center Govt had opposed the claim of the state before the Supreme Court. He owed an explanation to people of the state as to why he had failed to put pressure on the UPA regime to get the amount decreed by the Supreme Court released from the Centre while he was a Union minister.