Bahra University

Finally Himachal Congress Chief launched a political attack on the BJP led government. In a press conference state Congress president Kaul Singh said that Chief Minister Dhumal had made a mockery of cadre management by giving norms and rules the go-by while effecting mass promotions at the top level in the forest department. He alleged that the exercise was carried out to benefit a particular officer.

Congress Chief alleged that the corruption was at its peak under the BJP regime, where land mafia, forest mafia were plundering the state’s wealth. Kaul Singh said Solan district was the worst victim of the land mafia, with 11 private universities, including three in the area under one panchayat.

Kaul Singh stated that the mining mafia was plundering riverbeds and hills while the liquor mafia was active in the home district of the Chief Minister. Singh further claimed that Govt has failed to take any action against them.

Congress Chief also blame state Govt for not properly using funds made available under Central schemes. He said expenditure under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme declined from Rs 650 crore to Rs 525 crore and finally, to Rs 415 crore last year. He also critised government for the present roads condition in the state. Kaul Singh said that Theog-Hatkoti road is a prime example of it. Apple-growers were the worst sufferers as they paid between four and five times the normal rates for transportation of fruit to markets.