In the Parivartan Rally, Congress senior leader GS Bali has announced to quit politics if Congress did not muster a two-thirds majority in the forthcoming Assembly elections. He said it while addressing the rally at Dari Mela ground Dharmashala. He said that BJP Govt is neck deep in corruption and accused the BJP government on non performance, anti farmer and anti youth policies.

GS Bali also criticized the industry minister Kishan Kapoor for his inability to provide Kanga its share and said that Kangra is on of the biggest district almost 1/4th of Himachal Pradesh population lives here and industry minister, who is from same district, has failed to get even one industry for it in the last four years.

GS Bali also accused Chief Minister of misleading the people of the state by taking credit for those development works which were actually done by the UPA government. He challenged Chief Minister for debate on the matter of unemployment in state Bali said stressed that the 9 lakh unemployed youth need good and effective policy.