Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he could not board a Kingfisher plane to Dharamshala despite having a valid boarding pass as the airline prevented him from flying saying he had cancelled his ticket.

He was to travel to Dharamshala to attend tomorrow’s rally there organised by Team Anna. He claimed that he had booked the ticket many days ago. This morning he checked on the website and checked in online selecting a seat. At airport he got security clearance and entered inside. However, when boarding began, Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he was asked to step out of the queue. After others boarded, he was told by airline staff that his seat has been given to someone that he claimed without his notice and permission.

He said he was surprised because he had a valid boarding pass and asked them to give it in writing that he was offloaded, which he claimed the staff refused. He alleged that airline told him that they will write that he has missed the flight. The flight was to depart at 2:55 pm and they called me at 2:30 pm.