Madhu Sood betting on her work as Mayor for election

Congress projects Mayor Madhu Sood as its candidate for the forthcoming MC elections salted to be held on 27 May 2012. Madhu Sood had previously decided otherwise, but steadily buckled down to party demand and accepted the Congress ticket to fight the MC election. Now, that she is in to contest the election, she is determined to serve the people of Shimla as she has proudly done in her last tenure as the Mayor of Shimla. Madhu Sood is backing herself to win the election citing the productive works she has carried out in the last 5 years; she told TheNewsHimachal that these include:

 Door to door garbage collectors. This provided employment to about 350 people.

 Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) funds of 16cr were utilized to construct Garbage Incinerator Plant in Bhariyal, Tutu.

 In her tenure about Rs 40cr has been spent on road maintenance, creating ambulance roads, in construction of retaining walls on road and channelization of streams etc in all 25 Wards.

 3 big parking, One near lift The Mall Shimla (700 cars), in Sanjauli (400 cars) and in Chotta Shimla (25 cars) are under construction.

 Rs 11cr has been sanctioned by the Center government to MC Shimla for E-Governance, under which, in all 25 Wards E-Governance services will be provided. This means, water and electricity bills, land and construction maps, registration of birth and death etc will be computerized, which will be cost and time effective.

 75 new local buses under the JNNURM have been purchased, which are plying under the HRTC department. A DPR for another 400 buses has been sent to the Center government for approval.

 Vocational Training Centers have been opened for women which trains them for opportunities for self employment.

 In all 25 Wards, 15 public taps each have been installed.

 MC Shimla has spent Rs 2cr to lay new sewer pipes.

 A DPR of Rs 250cr has been sent for Government approval, which will be used to provide apt water supply and proper sewer connectivity to every household in Shimla.

 Under the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna a Krishna Nagar’s DPR of 33.5cr has been sent to the Center government for approval which will be utilized for a Pilot project to make Shimla slum-free.

 Citing water shortage in Shimla, in the last 5 years, many new water sources have been identified. 11-16 MLD supply have extra water has started from the Giri water project. New water storage tanks have been created which count 32 from 14 before Sood’s tenure.

 A grant of 25 lakh has been received from the European Union for Solid Waste Management.

 The City Sanitation Plant, approved by the center government, has received Rs 7cr in grant from the European Union.

 A DPR of 70cr for City Beautification Plan has been approved by the Center government, the funding for which either will be carried out mutually by Center-State Government partnership or Community participation. The Plan includes construction of parks, maintenance and beautification of natural water source (baodi), beautification of chalks and landscaping etc.

 Shimla’s Solar City Plan has been approved by MC and City Mobility Plan has been created under this, new tunnels, ropeways, escalators etc will be constructed for smooth flow of traffic and easy mobility.

These above, were some achievements MC Shimla managed under Madhu Sood in the last 5 years, now if she is re-elected, Sood promises that working for the development of all the Wards and the people of Shimla will be her priority. Besides this,

 Beautification of the Queen of Hills and creation of various parks and other pending things for the welfare of the public will be carried out ASAP.

 JNNURM plays a major part in providing funds for the development of a city; MC Shimla will keep it in it priority to acquire maximum funds from this Mission.

 Water facilities will be bettered, sewer lines will be well maintained and bettered and new street lights will be installed.

 All the constructed old houses which are not regularized and fall under the MC, will be regularized under Once & Settlement policy.

 Besides increase more public transport facilities, special buses and taxis for women will be started.

 In all Wards a MC Ward office will be opened to hear and solve the problems of the ward. And the Water bills, electricity bills and house rents will be paid in the same local ward.

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