Industries Minister Kishan Kapoor has praised the recommendations of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce with regard to special category status to the hilly States to be extended beyond June, 2012. He said this recommendation was a ‘historical one’ made by the Committee in favour of Himachal and Uttrakhand.

Kishan Kapoor said that special category status to hilly States was a token of gift given by the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to the State. He said that special category status would usher-in an era of rapid industrial growth.

Industries Minister thanked the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce, Shanta Kumar for the recommendations made and said that this would help in speeding up the industrial growth, for which the State Government was putting earnest efforts. He said that Himachal Pradesh had industrial friendly environment and quality infrastructure facilities were being provided to the entrepreneurs for setting up of new industries.