BJP rebel Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP) has again targeted BJP led state Govt as its leader Shyama Sharma has termed Dhumal led state government inefficient and incompetent.

HLP leader Shyama Sharma blamed state Govt for introducing ‘spineless Lokayukta’. She said it was neither unbiased nor had staff and was even bereft of absolute powers.

Shyama Sharma also blamed the BJP government for poor governance, she said the latest CAG reports had proved how funds had remained unutilised and HP State Electricity Board Ltd was reeling under losses by being forced to buy costly power from the other states even though the state produced ample electricity.

She cited various CAG reports to highlight how the state government had incurred loss worth crores and its debt had risen to Rs 36,000 crore from the about Rs 18,000 crore in 2007 when it had assumed power.