To popularise the concept of green buildings, the Department of Environment has decided to make its Centre of Climate Change building, in the Bemloe area as the first structure, which will be environment-friendly and non-degrading.

The building for Centre of Climate Change being set up here with the assistance of The Energy Resource Institute, New Delhi, will be the first building in the state capital and among the very few in the state to qualify as a “green building”. So far, it is only one or two buildings in the Baddi industrial area that have been built as green structures but otherwise the concept is yet to catch up in the state, which has taken several steps for protecting the environment.

To give a fillip to the idea of “green buildings”, the Department of Environment has decided to even upscale the Solar Passive Technology Centre located at Sundernagar into a green building technology centre. This, in turn, will help in popularising and selling the concept of “green buildings” to people.