Elected member of the Shimla LYC of Himachal youth Congress met today at Shimla and decided to start the awareness campaign in Himachal. Most of elected members of the youth congress body from Shimla constituency were present at the meeting. In the meeting Shimla LYC President Munish Thakur said that Congress youth body will campaign rigorously in the state and will make people of Himachal aware about the wrong doing of the BJP led Govt. He added that youth body is united and will strengthen the base of the party in the hill state. Youth congress also lend their hand for the upcoming Shimla MC election and announce that youth member of the party will work for the party candidate in the election. Senior Congress leader Gen. Sec. HPCC Kuldeep Rathore was also present at the meeting and said that youth should come forward and work for the betterment of the society.

Youth congress leaders avoid answering the FAME’s decision to debar the first elected president Vikramaditya Singh from the further election and rather said that they have cast their vote and have no idea about the irregularities in the election. Vikas Kumar Sanjay Thakur, Prem Dogra Gen Sec were also present at the meeting.