Government is not happy with the Congress over the boycott of assembly they accused the opposition for running away from debate and playing gimmicks to divert the attention of people from its dismal performance as opposition.

BJP spokesperson Ganesh Dutt told

“Despite no issue at hand to take on the government, the Congress has allowed the chance to raise the issue of corruption forcefully in the House to slip from its hand by boycotting the Assembly,”

Terming the boycott as deliberate on part of Congress, he said it wants to politicize the issue and not debate it.

“We have repeatedly told the Congress leaders to come out with credible evidence in support of charges against health minister Dr Rajiv Bindal or any other leader and the government was ready for any probe by any agency but the Congress is playing truant,”

Congress members have been boycotting the state Assembly demanding resignation of Health Minister Rajiv Bindal and a CBI inquiry into the corruption charges levelled against him by the party.

Bahra University