The State Congress party has accused the BJP government for discriminating against the Shimla district. Congress alleged that Dhumal government is biased against the Shimla district and in comparison to the other districts Shimla got raw deal.

The Congress pointed out that the present government not only failed to secure any new projects, but also did not implement those sanctioned during the previous Congress regime. It referred to the Rs 1,105-crore Sawara Kuddu Hydroelectric Project, Rs 228 crore for the upgrade of the Theog-Hatkoti road under the World Bank project, Rs 51-crore irrigation project and Rs 6.50-crore for strengthening of the power distribution network.

Congress added that all these projects were being initiated by the Congress Government and even after five years these projects are still in midway. Congress leaders alleged that funds provided by the Centre under the National Rural Health Mission were diverted to urban areas. A large number of posts in health and educational institutions were vacant in the region and transport services and power supply remained disrupted for weeks together during rains and snowfall. The decision to open schools in February had added to the woes of students.