The Shimla Municipal Corporation today held a successful Ward Sabha of Bharari ward at the ward office. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all the Heads of departments were present. Those who attended the sabha included the DFO Inder Kumar, officiating CHO Dr DP Singh, SDO from water supply Rajesh Kashyap, Amar Singh Chauhan another SDO from the R & B department , other officials from the estate, health and building and roads department. However the ward councillor was not present. ‘Despite heavy rain more than 70 people were present. Nearly 33 complaints were received of which nearly 15 were redressed at the spot. Another ward sabha of Ruldu Bhatta ward will take place on the 13th of September at ‘’Rane Basera’ AT Lakkar Bazar Bus Stand.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation will go ahead with the proposed ward sabhas and is determined to constitute ward committees at the ward level. The ward committee could not be formed in Ward No.1 as the councillor was absent from the meeting. These ward committees will be constituted amongst the people of the ward. They will be members representing their resident welfare associations, any other association of the ward, can be member of the self help group of the ward, and can be from the Mahila Mandals or any other member who is a prominent person of the area. But these committees will be formed at the recommendation of the local councillor.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation would like to state that the basic intention is to democratically decentralise the functioning and governance of the municipality. This is also categorically mentioned in the basic spirit of the 74th constitutional amendment. It states, quote, “3,(d) constitution of committees at ward level or other level or levels within the territorial area of a Municipality as may be provided in the state law;” unquote. The spirit of this amendment is to make participation of the people in both the planning and implementation process. The functioning of these ward sabhas and committees gives ample scope for the democratisation of the process of grievance redressal. Once implemented it can even generate proposals and determine the priority of development programmes, identify the people who require urgent attention, these committees can take care of the problem of water, sewerage, lights and road problems that require immediate intervention. These committees can even extend to have social audit in the area to check the developmental work.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation has thanked the people of the town who have overwhelmingly supported the intentions for democratic governance. The SMC has appealed the people to join in large numbers in the ward sabhas that are taking place during this month.

Bahra University