On the decision of Foundation for Advanced Management of Elections (FAME), where Youth congress election were declared null and void and also debarred Vikramaditya Singh for reelection, Vikramaditya has shown his displeasure and said that it was unfortunate. He said

I am deeply shocked and surprised with the decision of “FAME” to Countermand the Himachal Pradesh Youth Congress elections and to debar me from contesting it again, I have been punished without any fault, I was never given copies of complaints against me nor was I ever given a chance to defend myself. I submitted my explanation with full facts and evidence based on whatever I found out at my own level. This decision is grossly unfair and unjust and completely against the principles of natural Justice. I am inclined to believe that this decision is premeditated and is a result of deep conspiracy against me.

The people of Himachal know the truth about how fair and comprehensive my victory was, I polled nearly two third of the total votes. I am thankful to the Youth of Himachal Pradesh for believing in me and supporting me wholeheartedly, and I can assure the Youth that this decision will not deter me from continuing to work for their interest. I have full faith in the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi & Smt Sonia Gandhi and expect that I will get justice from them