Two buses were burnt down at the Dharamsala bus stand and driver of one of these, Suresh Kumar was charred to death in it. The fire broke out at about 8.30 pm in a bus belonging to the Kamal Bus Service Transport Company. Fire immediately spread to an HRTC minibus that was parked alongside the private bus. The staff at the bus stand managed to take away other buses from the on-fire buses.

Deceased Suresh Kumar body was charred beyond recognition, was later recovered by the local police.

Fire tenders are about 300 metres from the bus stand, but Bus stand staff alleged that they arrived about the 25-minute late at the scene. On the other side, Kikar Singh, brother of the deceased, has alleged foul play in the death of his brother. He alleged that his brother spoke to him on the mobile phone at 8.15 pm. It was hard to believe that just after about 15 minutes, he fell so asleep that he was charred to death. He demanded an inquiry into the incident.

Kangra SP Diljeet Thakur said the police was keeping all options open. An investigation into the incident was going on and a case had been registered. He said the postmortem on the body of the driver had been carried out and the viscera would be sent for chemical examination.

Via: Tribuneindia