International Renuka Ji fair concludes today with religious fervor. Governor Urmila Singh presided over the Renuka Ji fair and said that Renuka Ji fair is a manifestation of the reverence and devotion of Lord Parshuram towards his mother, Mata Renuka ji and added that the celebration upholds rich values of Indian Society. Governor added that Renuka ji has its own religious sanctity and people from within and outside the State visit the place to pay their obeisance. The place has high potential for tourist activity and attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially during the fair, she added.

Governor said that fairs and festivals were symbols of the rich cultural heritage of the State and should be preserved at all cost. She said that glimpse of rich traditions could be seen in such festivals, which also go a long way in strengthening bonds of brotherhood and fraternity. Celebrating these festivals makes the young generation aware of our glorious culture.