Manali is considered to be one of the most wonderful creations on earth by nature. Nature has bestowed Manali with many blessings in the shape of snow clad mountains, beautiful landscape, thick forests of pines and deodar, ancient monasteries and temples. Natural lakes and waterfalls and many other human activities undertaken like river rafting, paragliding, skiing, rock-climbing and expeditions are some of the breathtaking events which lures tourists towards Manali. The News Himachal talked to President Manali Hoteliers Association Gajender Thakur, here are details:

M L Relingpa: Recently survey conducted by Travel Portal Trip Adviser has ranked Manali second best tourist destination in India. What steps are being taken by Manali Hoteliers Association to make it a Top destination in India?

Gajender Thakur: To bring Manali on top of the destinations in India we have discussed with HP Govt. and Deptt., of Tourism regarding introduction of Quality Tourism Service Certification scheme. To provide world class tourism services in Himachal we have to come at par with standards and levels being offered in famous destinations worldwide. Under this scheme Hoteliers and tour operators shall have to meet with the criteria like quality services, comforts, security taxi with certification etc.

M L Relingpa: Concept of Home Stay launched in Himachal is receiving how much response from the visitors?

Gajender Thakur: This scheme is showing a tremendous response and feedback tells that tourist stayed in these homes has really relished the food served and quality services they have provided in natural surroundings.

M L Relingpa: Biodiversity of tourism is need of the hour. How it can be achieved?

Gajender Thakur: It can be achieved by extending it to the rural areas where tourists feel of agriculture, floriculture, horticultural, ecosystems, heritage and religious tourism. WE have deities and temples, in almost every village where brief story of deity in every village can be described at every point of the village.

M L Relingpa: What are the problems being faced by the Hoteliers of Manali?

Gajender Thakur: WE want that Government should increase the number of flights, from various cities and reschedule the time table in such a manner so that tourists of other than Delhi can also reach Manali the same day. Parking capacity should also be expanded and more areas should be developed so that tourists stay may be increased.