Bahra University

After years of protest, it seems that Bhakra Oustees have got little success as Revenue Minister Thakur Gulab Singh comes out with much sought solution. He said that State Government will soon be formulating a Comprehensive Special Policy for the regularization of encroachments made by the Bhakra Dam Oustees upon government land in Bilaspur as a special measure to ensure their proper rehabilitation.

Thakur Gulab Singh said that the Bhakra Dam Project had been constructed at the cost people of Bilaspur district who had sacrificed their ancestral land and houses to pave the way for the construction of Bhakra Dam. He said that since the most fertile land had submerged in the Dam water and thousands of families rendered homeless, bringing them in the category of oustees. Revenue Minister said that 364 eligible oustees of the Bhakra Dam were to be allotted plots. He said that plot development process was in progress. He said that it was due to the deep concern of Chief Minister that rehabilitation of Bhakra Dam left-out families was revived for the benefit of the oustees.