Mohan Lal Relingpa Three days long Rewalsar fair of Buddhists concluded here on Wednesday. Transport Minister Mohinder Singh was the chief guest. Rewalsar fair is closely associated with Acharya Padmasambhava, who was a great scholar of mysticism, Tantrism and yoga. Rewalser is also called Triveni, which means sangam of three religions called Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus. During these three days, religious ceremonies were solemnized with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Masked dance was also performed by lamas with enchanting steps and gestures. The music that accompanied the dance was evocative of a particular mood that is sacredly held. According to Tibetan records places like Zahor Mandi and Garzha Lahul were visited by Padmasambhava in the 8th century and he stayed in these places for a considerable period of time and meditated here.

As with Rewalser legend goes that princess Mandherva the daughter of the king Arshdhara of Mandi resolved to renounce her royal ties and dedicated her to the religious order. Padmasambhava having observed that princess was a dedicated pupil came through the air from Udyana and appeared in person to give her instructions.

A cowherd who noticed it spread the news that he had seen the princess with charlatan. This news evoked king’s curiosity thinking that princess had broken her vows by flirting with a man. Upon the kings order she was tied to a wooden pyre and set it on fire and Padmasambhava taken out to a wilderness. When smoke did not clear off even after a week, the king visited the spot and found to his surprise that the place had turned into a lake with lotus in the centre. Repenting the king offered him his kingdom and princess Mandherva was married to Padmasambhava. Buddhists firmly believe that the great vajrayan guru Padmasambhava was born here inside the Lotus petals in this lake.

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