Once again within a few months of its earlier majority-verdict against the introduction of trucks carrying heavy load called “multi-axle trucks”, the general house of the Bilaspur District Truck Operators’ Co-operative Society (BDTS) rejected this proposal by majority vote and decided that there should be no multi-axle trucks in this society for carrying of cement from the ACC factory at Barmana.

The general house was summoned at Barmana on the directions of the state high court for taking this decision. It was presided over by district cooperative inspector BR Kaundal.

A total of 1,263 truck operators turned up at the general house. Out of them 958 voted against this proposal and rejected multi-axle trucks. Only 294 truck operators favoured this suggestion and said these vehicles should be allowed to be introduced in the loading works. Eleven votes were rejected as invalid. Now, this vote count will be reported by the Cooperative Department to the high court.