In almost every Parliament session, politicians are debating for the 33 percent reservation for the women, but all the time it led to chaos and disruption. In this session, reservation may not be the reason, thanks for the 2G scam; otherwise someone from somewhere might have yell for it. Though for the Parliament and Vidhan Sabha, still our leaders are debating, but on the panchayat level, scenario is changing rapidly. Not sure for the rest of the country, but in Himachal, women are getting their fair share through rigorous but most acknowledge path electoral. In the recent concluded panchayat election women candidate register win at record 58 percent seats on various positions. Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh congratulated all elected women for their win and hoping for the clean and progressive response for the development in the state.

In my personal view, it might be the beginning, but other state and our politician can learn at least to give a chance and welcome the change that society desperately need.