New Delhi — In a significant move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reappointed retired IAS officer Tarun Kapoor from the Himachal Pradesh cadre as his advisor for another two years. Kapoor, a 1987 batch IAS officer, previously served the Government of India on deputation from the Himachal government during Modi’s last tenure. His tenure in the PMO has been extended, highlighting his valuable contributions and expertise.

The Appointment Committee of the Union Cabinet announced the appointment on Thursday.

Tarun Kapoor’s extensive experience and contributions have been widely recognized. During his service in Himachal Pradesh, he held several key positions, including Secretary in various departments, and made notable contributions to the energy sector. His expertise in this area is expected to benefit the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) significantly over the next two years.

Kapoor’s reappointment is seen as beneficial not only for the PMO but also for the Himachal Pradesh government. His intimate knowledge of the state’s administrative and developmental needs could facilitate better coordination and support from the central government.

The terms of Kapoor’s appointment will remain consistent with his previous tenure, ensuring continuity in his advisory role. This decision is expected to bolster the PMO’s capacity to address complex governance challenges and implement key initiatives effectively.