Shimla – In a decisive move ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has enforced a sweeping prohibition on plastic banners with a thickness below 100 microns. This landmark decision comes as a significant step towards environmental preservation and pollution reduction in the region.

Issuing stringent directives to all administrative bodies, the court has mandated strict compliance with the ban, emphasizing the urgent need for action. Additionally, the State Pollution Control Board has been instructed to promptly eliminate all plastic banners falling below the specified thickness threshold.

Under the ambit of the Himachal Pradesh Bio-degradable Waste (Control) Act, 1995, and the Plastic Waste Management Amendment, all departments are tasked with the immediate removal of plastic or PVC banner hoardings failing to meet the mandated standards.

In a concerted effort to enforce the ban, the Pollution Control Board has initiated a specialized inspection drive targeting PVC banners installed across various locations within the state. Notably, there are approximately 184 organizations engaged in banner production in the state, underscoring the scale of the task at hand.

PVC banners pose a unique challenge for recycling due to the complex composition of PVC, often fused with other polymers such as polyester. By outlawing banners with inadequate thickness, authorities aim to mitigate environmental degradation and curb pollution levels in the region.