Shimla – In a landmark move, the State High Court has taken decisive action to address the pressing issue of water contamination in the Giri River, the lifeline of Shimla’s water supply. The court’s intervention comes in response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by High Court advocate Vijay Arora, seeking urgent remedies to alleviate the persistent water shortage crisis in Shimla.

The division bench, led by Chief Justice MS Ramachandra Rao and Justice Jyotsna Rewal Dua, issued a set of directives to the Shimla Water Management Corporation, marking the beginning of a comprehensive effort to combat pollution and debris in the Giri River. The court has scheduled a hearing on March 27 to evaluate the progress made in implementing these directives.

Approximately four years ago, the High Court had already issued orders to the state government, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach involving all concerned parties to address the pollution in the Giri River. The recent orders build upon these earlier directives, reinforcing the court’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable and uncontaminated water supply for Shimla.

The court mandated that all parties involved refrain from illegal dumping of debris and garbage into the Giri River. The Pollution Control Board’s Member Secretary, in coordination with the Public Works Department and Forest Department, was instructed to conduct a joint inspection to identify areas where debris is illegally dumped. The court further ordered the sealing of these locations using wires or other appropriate means.

Highlighting a technological solution to the contamination, the court was apprised by the Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited (SJPNL) that modern technology, specifically Vortex Separation Technology, will be deployed to address silt and other forms of dirt in the Giri River. This advanced technology is expected to play a crucial role in the effective cleanup and restoration of the river’s water quality.

The court’s proactive stance signifies a significant step forward in safeguarding the ecological health of the Giri River and ensuring a sustainable and uncontaminated water supply for the city of Shimla.