Shimla – With the anticipation building up for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, Congress national spokesperson Abhay Dubey made an announcement during a press conference on Thursday, revealing the party’s commitment to terminating the Agniveer scheme should it emerge victorious. This scheme, originally conceived to combat youth unemployment challenges, has stood as a flagship initiative under the current administration. However, Dubey’s declaration has raised questions about its future trajectory.

The Agniveer scheme, launched with considerable optimism, aimed to unlock employment opportunities for the burgeoning youth population across the state. At the heart of this proposal is the intention to provide opportunities for the youth to serve in the military for shorter durations, fostering a more youthful and technically adept war-fighting force. This strategy envisions striking a fine balance between youthful vigour and experienced personnel within the Armed Forces.

Dubey, addressing the media in Shimla, voiced concerns about the Agniveer scheme’s potential impact on the future of enrolled youth. He emphasized that, under a Congress-led government, the scheme would be subjected to a comprehensive reevaluation, fuelling debates about its overall efficacy and implications for youth employment.

This declaration comes at a crucial juncture, with hundreds of youth already enlisted in the Agniveer scheme, now in its fourth year of implementation. Dubey expressed apprehensions that, contrary to its initial goals, the scheme might inadvertently lead to unemployment for the enrolled youth once their four-year term concludes.

In response to this decision, the Congress party has detailed a three-phase nationwide movement. The first phase, a public relations campaign, initiated on February 1st, aims to connect with 30 lakh families by February 28. The second phase, a Satyagraha movement scheduled for March 5 to 10, focuses on engaging more youth and their families through protests in major cities. The third and final phase, Nyay Yatra, set for March 17 to 20, involves a 50-kilometer walk across all districts, paying homage to soldiers across the nation.

As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha Elections, the Agniveer scheme has emerged as a pivotal point in political discourse. The Congress party’s decision to reevaluate and potentially terminate the scheme has added layers to the ongoing dialogue on youth employment, prompting contemplation on the future course of initiatives aimed at securing the economic well-being of the youth.