Shimla – In a bold proclamation, BJP’s leader Sanjay Tandon, boldly asserted, “The BJP is primed to secure a resounding victory with 60% of the votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh.” Tandon shared this projection based on a recent survey conducted by India Today and C Voter. According to Tandon, the survey not only predicts a landslide victory for the BJP but foresees the party sweeping all four Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Highlighting the survey’s findings, Tandon stated that Congress is projected to get 29% of the votes, while other parties are expected to secure 11%. This stark contrast suggests a significant lead for the BJP, mirroring the party’s strong performance in the 2019 elections when it garnered 69% of the votes compared to Congress’s 27% and 4% for other parties.

Tandon attributed the BJP’s anticipated success to the perceived failures of the incumbent Congress government in Himachal Pradesh. He asserted that the Congress party, which came to power with promises of development, has fallen short of delivering its commitments. Tandon claimed that the current administration has failed to fulfil any of its guarantees, leading to discontent among the electorate.

“The government had promised to provide 5 lakh jobs in the first cabinet, but till now it has not given even one permanent job. It has not even given Rs 1500 to women, and not a single promise has been fulfilled,” Tandon emphasized.

Tandon expressed confidence that the BJP will secure a resounding victory in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and form NDA government in center.